About Wonder Girl

Brittany Binowski is an astrologer.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Brittany first became deeply interested in astrology in 2012 after graduating from New York University with her master's degree in Digital Journalism. Upon graduation at 23 years old, she worked at a number of journalism jobs in New York City, but couldn't help feel like something was missing — she wasn't using her true gifts and talents, and struggled to connect with those she was close to. Astrology helped her to better understand what was going on in her life, and how she could overcome those problems.

Part of the answer was to wait until the time was right to take major steps forward — the other part was to actively create and align with the life she truly wanted. In 2017, she started her YouTube channel giving horoscopes for free online. She is a Gemini sun and moon with Cancer rising. She loves art, poetry, religion, spirituality, and the mountains.